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Game Information

State of the Game, June 1, 2001

State of the Game January First, 2002

State of the game, February 1, 2003

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Jeweled Amber Story Directory

Most stories you read here are common knowledge, unless otherwise noted, and while your character may not have read the story itself they have heard, in conversation, enough of them to have gained the information acquired from them.

In the Twilight of Grace Grace, Daughter of Evelyn, the Seer of Song

Giovanni of Amber-Article of Submission

Giovanni of Amber-The Jack of Amber   By Giovanni of Amber

Random & Benedict  A Cautionary Tale about Random as King

Deirdre's Folly    A story of Bryton. Geryon's World

Strykr's After Action Reports

Dalt at the Gates of Dawn Dalt's Article of Submissi0on

Lugborz & Bryton

A Breath of Chaos-Not Finished

Red Wine Warrick

Thin Whip's Place

Dinner at Home  A Feast in Amber. Deirdre's Homecoming.

Galvar's Run   Galvar's Article of Submission

Many Lives   By Vance, Son of Delwin

Thin Whip By Truman


Fiona's Flight and the Scouring of the Abyss

Nocturne and the Oracle of Night

The Field of Red War

Borlak-Mine is Rage




Active Characters

Doria, Daughter of Benedict, Kynan

Strykr, Daughter of Caine, Robin

Vance, Son of Delwin, Gulliver

Available Player Characters

Shaenne, Daughter of Bleys,

Mian, Daughter of Dalt

Landoval, Son of Cymnea

Rilla, Daughter of Llewella,

Inactive Characters-

For inactive players:

If you wish to start playing again just get in touch with me.

Truman, Son of Gerard, Caspian Geryon, Son of Deirdre, Beoir  Marke, Son of Fiona, Corleone
 Nocturne, Daughter of Brand, Phenecia Arloxdra, Son of Eric Larry Jallarzi, Daughter of Despil and Bela Moir Tral Eve
Zachary, Son of Flora, Logan Gaheris, Son of Fiona, David Red Cloud, Son of Josef, Seth
Marcus Sharpe, son of Kibar Lot. Kenshin, Son of Adrian Ben  

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Tony Jones' webpages supplied a great deal of information for me to get this game going. Check out his site, say nicethings.  Boris Sirbey's Site.

He does some really great stuff. Take a look. Of Course I am using them without permission and not making any financial profit on them. They are simply the best images of the royal family I could find online.

Several trump images are by Freelance Artist L. S. Irish.

Check out her work. She does amazing work. No permission was granted for their use and they are not represented in their original form.

Some trump Images are from Mark Harden

This Website supported by the great people at Geocities toiling in the belly of the All-Consuming Yahoo.


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